The new Google Jamboard is a digital 55-inch whiteboard that’s designed to make it easy for teams and group meetings to share their ideas. Built specifically to aid creative collaboration, this 4K touch-enabled device merges Google’s successful G Suite technology with the internet to take creative sessions to a new level.

Google has revealed that it hopes to ‘redefine’ meetings by moving traditional whiteboards to the cloud. Users can sketch out plans and ideas in real-time, working with people across the world by connecting with other Jamboards or working remotely with its companion app. In fact, the board has even been designed to be moved quickly and easily, using a single cable set-up to make collaboration as easy as possible. Once done, users simply sign into their Google Cloud so collaboration can continue on the go.

When in the meeting room setting, Google Jamboard uses the latest technology to ensure speed and precision in fast-moving work environments. Offering touch-display technology on a 55-inch screen, the Jamboard responds even faster than smartphones and tablets, as well as any other touchscreen on the market of this size. The board also remains fast and precise when users utilise the stylus and eraser, which are automatically recognised by the in-built technology. The same intelligent features also make it possible for the Jamboard to recognise handwriting and drawing patterns.

Although Google’s Jamboard appears to be in a league of its own within the touchscreen industry, it is still set to be retailed at the relatively reasonable price of less than $6,000 (£4,700) when it hits the market in 2017. For this price, users can both create new content on the built-in software and import many different file types from Google Docs, Sheets, Slides or Drive, giving them access to everything they could need for a successful meeting.