Boasting impressive wireless capabilities and enhanced technology that brings ‘almost’ 4K resolution to a new market, the Epson TW9300 and TW9300W are at the top of their game. We’ve taken a closer look at some of the features on offer.

A New Era for Wireless

Projectors don’t have the strongest reputation when it comes to integrated wireless technology, but Epson’s new 9300W is out to change industry perceptions. A product that has already wowed the experts here at Projectorpoint, the device is capable of producing results that equalled those of its wired counterpart, the 9300. In fact, our team found it almost impossible to tell the wired and wireless video apart.

This advanced wireless technology provides a number of benefits for 9300 users, but essentially, it improves the flexibility of use. The wireless version of the projector introduces the option to stream high quality video content from smartphones, games consoles, Bluray players or even online streaming services.

Furthermore, the impressively high contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 on these two projectors aids the delivery of top quality visuals, ensuring exceptional definition and true to life blacks.

4K Enhanced Technology

As some of the best performing projectors in their price range, the 9300 and 9300W devices deliver Full HD (1920x1080) resolution images for a stunning home cinema experience. However, they actually take things a step beyond with the addition of Epson’s new 4K-Enhancement Technology.

This is not the same as actual native 4K, but in using the 4K-Enhancement Technology, the Epson devices are capable delivering two images per frame and shifting the image by 0.5 pixels diagonally between the frames. The result is noticeably enhanced definition, which emulates twice as many pixels than are on the actual chips. We believe it’s almost as impressive as true 4K UHD and in most home cinema setups, you won’t notice the difference.

Of course, the big difference you’ll notice here is the impact on your wallet. If you’ve got a truly giant cinema screen, then you’d probably consider native 4K anyway and have the budget to do so.

For home cinema users with smaller budgets, it’s a good compromise. We don’t deny that 4K technology still has a clear edge over its ‘enhanced’ cousin, but the premium cost associated with native 4K makes this a welcome option for many home cinema fans.

For the Projectorpoint team, the 9300 and 9300W are some of the best value home cinema projectors available today. If you would like to find out more or book a demo, please contact our team for more information.