Introducing NEC's budget-friendly projectors: VE303 and VE303X Introducing NEC's budget-friendly projectors: VE303 and VE303X

The VE303 projector and the VE303X are two affordable, easy-to-use projectors that are designed to work optimally in rooms that have a lot of ambient lighting. They are targeted at professionals and educators who move around a lot, with the two projectors weighing less than six pounds each.

Both projectors have a brightness of 3,000 lumens, with the VE303 offering a native resolution of 800x600 and the VE303X a resolution of 1024x768. They both feature a 10,000:1 contrast ratio, as well as an in-built 2-watt speakers, which when combined offer excellent picture quality and audio functionality.

One of the key selling points of both models is that they can automatically sense incoming signals and connect to command-and-control systems while watching incoming 3D sources with the assistance of DLP-Link glasses. The two projectors can support HDMI 3D formats, as well as HQFS 3D and 120Hz 3D. However, it should be noted that the latter is only available if the user's computer can output 120Hz.

Both models also come with a quick power-on setup, as well as zoom lenses. The VE303 and VE303X also offer up to 6,000 hours of lamp life, which are under warranty for a year or 500 hours of life, depending on which comes first, as well as digital and analogue video inputs.

Bob Guenther, senior product manager of projectors at NEC Display, said of the two projectors: “The units' 3,000 lumens of brightness overcome rooms with a lot of ambient light and their long lamp life and lower power consumption in standby modes contribute to an affordable total cost of operation.“

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