Interactive touchscreen projector revealed

The first consumer projector that can convert any flat surface into a super-sized touchscreen has been revealed by Touchjet.

It has launched the Touchjet Pond Projector, which has been made possible thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign on the Indiegogo website.

Small enough to fit in the palm of a hand, the projector can produce a display of up to 80 inches.

With the Android 4.4 operating system used on the device, almost any smartphone or tablet can project through the Touchjet Pond Projector using a third-party app.

Helen Thomas, chief executive of Touchjet, explained that while mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones do a great job of keeping people connected, this is not the case when they are in the same room.

The former senior vice-president of worldwide sales at Livescribe and general manager of APAC international business at LeapFrog added: "We're creating devices that take the interactivity of mobile apps and project it so everyone can share the experience, be it in the living room, classroom or a board room."

It takes only a few moments to set up the Touchjet Pond Projector and it is easy to use, giving buyers the chance to play games, edit documents in real time or watch videos.

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