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  1. Step into the future with a classroom AV system

    Teaching in the time of COVID-19 is a daunting task for many. Traditionally, effective teaching time involved a classroom connecting with a teacher in close quarters. But restrictions have required schools to resort to special bubbles for teaching to continue.

    Just because our children have to be taught in a more restricted way than we might like, the tools we use to educate them needn’t be rudimentary. If anything, they should be as state-of-the-art as possible, to inspire children in these strange times.

    There are all kinds of new pieces of kit to add to your classroom’s AV system, to make lessons more interactive and engaging than ever before. Let’s explore how to make the most out of the latest gizmos today.

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  2. Introducing The New Google Jamboard

    The new Google Jamboard is a digital 55-inch whiteboard that’s designed to make it easy for teams and group meetings to share their ideas. Built specifically to aid creative collaboration, this 4K touch-enabled device merges Google’s successful G Suite technology with the internet to take creative ses

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  3. Microsoft Surface table ‘could use projector’

    Microsoft Surface table ‘could use projector’
    Microsoft is considering using a projector to drive its ambitious new Surface table product.

    Slash Gear reports that the company has filed a patent for an ‘interactive integrated display and processing device’ that uses projectors and sensors, not (expensive) touch screens.

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  4. Barco projectors create 360 degree FanDome experience

    Barco projectors create 360 degree FanDome experience
    World leading projector brand Barco has created stunning visual effects inside a fully immersive FanDome experience created by Hyundai Motor UK and The Brooklyn Brothers exclusively for the Euro 2016 tournament.

    Based in Kings Cross in London, the Football Heaven FanDome presented visitors with

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  5. Touchscreens are fast making futuristic technology a reality

    Touchscreens are fast making futuristic technology a reality
    It doesn't seem that long ago that we were texting away on Nokia 3310s only for them to be fast replaced by smartphones and mobile devices with touchscreen capabilities we'd barely even considered would be a reality.

    Touchscreens have transformed the way we interact with technology and

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  6. The Educational Power of Collaborative Learning

    Collaborative learning has long been used an aspirational term among education professionals. Everyone wants to help build a collaborative classroom, but what does this mean in practice and just why is it such a coveted buzzword?

    The drive to create such an atmosphere stems from the demands students

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  7. Revolutionary Technology: The Brightest Stars at ISE 2016

    Revolutionary Technology: The Brightest Stars at ISE 2016
    Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) has long been considered the annual launchpad for the year’s top new technology products, and the 2016 event was certainly no exception. Playing host to many of the world’s leading manufacturers, ISE 2016 was the hub of collaboration systems, touchscreen innovations,
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  8. The Touchscreen Revolution in Education

    The Touchscreen Revolution in Education
    Bett 2016 confirmed what we have suspected for some time now: touchscreens are a better investment than interactive whiteboards. With over 150,000 interactive whiteboards due to be replaced in the education market over the next 3 to 5 years, it's high time we took a closer look at the benefits of
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  9. Samsung patent reveals smartphone with projector

    Samsung patent reveals smartphone with projector
    A new patent has revealed that rumoured plans for a foldable phone with inclusive projector could soon be created by industry leader Samsung.

    Unveiled by Patently Mobile, the patent describes a new foldable device including built-in projector or hologram module to allow users to project their

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  10. Brentwood school uses projector technology in smart learning environment

    A school in Brentwood has made clever use of projector technology in order to create a calm and stimulating space in which students can learn.

    This month The Endeavour School opened its new sensory room to its pupils and invited them in to experience a new kind of learning.

    By using

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