A Buckinghamshire sixth form college is planning to issue students with electronic tablet devices to allow them to tap into lessons being held on interactive whiteboards and projectors.

Milton Keynes College could become the first in the UK to issue such devices to all of its students. The institution’s director of information learning technology, Dr Daniel Hidlebaugh, said that giving students tablets would “change the way they learn” and allow them to communicate with the interactive technology already being used in classrooms.

“We want the students to be more interactive in the classroom, have them embrace technology which would bring them closer to the whole educational process,” Dr Hidlebaugh explained. “It would be everything from being able to answer questions and quizzes in the classroom, to being able to interactively use the whiteboard, engaging all students at all times, any time, any place.”

Tech-savvy students may not be so pleased about the proposals when they hear what else the tablets may allow, as Dr Hidlebaugh explained: “Even if they are sick at home they can actually join in with the class.”

The plans to bring in the new technology are already in place and it is expected to be launched in September 2013.