A new kind of interactive projector has been revealed, with the aim of bringing back more active play for children.

The Lumo Play projector is being funded by a crowdfunding campaign and is already almost 50 per cent towards its goal.

It works by projecting motion-aware games on to floors and the manufacturers claim that the aim is to build an entirely new class of toy.

Co-founder and chief executive officer Meghan Athavale said: "We built Lumo to get kids moving. As a parent, I've seen first-hand how engaging games are - and how too much screen time makes kids sedentary.

"With Lumo, we're bringing back healthy, fun playtime that gets kids moving and interacting."

Lumo Play has been in development since 2010 but the company is finally ready to put the projector device into production if it is able to raise enough funds via Indiegogo.

Patents for the mobile projection, motion detection and augmented reality tagging technology included in the Lumo Play product are all pending.

The hardest part of the project has been integrating Lump Play's computer, projector, motion sensor and other components into one device.

"We knew Lumo had to just work, right out of the box, at a price families could afford," added Ms Athavale. "The technology has finally caught up with our dream of bringing back playtime."