Projectors and other audio-visual equipment will all be wireless in the future, according to a bold prediction made by Intel.

According to the firm's vice president of the PC Client Group, Tom Garrison, the wireless technologies will boost productivity in offices as it will save people the time they currently spend hunting for the right wires and setting up the physical connections.

Technology dubbed ProWiDi will help workers to connect to monitors or projectors from more portable devices, Mr Garrison told the Inquirer. This is something that is going to become far more important as smartphones and tablets become far more prevalent in both people's personal and private lives.

Docking is also going to become more widespread, which will also save time in offices, he added. Mr Garrison said: "You don't have to worry about connecting up your wires so by time you get there you're productive and up and running."

Security and privacy are being placed at the forefront of the new developments, with Intel being careful to ensure no confidential information could be shown on monitors and projectors.

PMA Research recently found that the worldwide projector market expanded rapidly during the second quarter of the year as the technology continues to become more popular and important.