Recent research from In-Stat has found that although stand-alone and accessory pico projectors currently dominate the market, there is a definite movement from plug-in devices towards embedded technology.

The technology used to project images has decreased further and further in size over the past ten years. This has resulted in a new trend. Companies are now actively investigating embedding these so-called “pico” projectors into an ever-increasing range of consumer devices. These include mobile phones and even mobile television.

The research carried out by In-Stat shows that shipment growth of CE devices containing embedded pico projectors is forecast to increase to around 2.3 billion devices by 2014. Mobile devices are projected to make up over 90 per cent of this market by that time, compared to just 15 per cent at the current time.

Frank Dickson, vice president at Mobile Internet Research, explains further, "Although the integration of 'pico' projectors will occur across the entire CE device spectrum, the biggest push will come from the mobile handset segment."

He went on to explain that the mobile handset market is measured in billions, which creates huge opportunities for component manufacturers.

Dickson points out, “For pico projectors, what makes it even more attractive is that the market is hypercompetitive, with manufacturers always aggressively looking to add new features to create differentiation."