A new and very tiny Instagram projector has been developed to enable users to project their images onto walls.

Beginning as a Kickstarter project in November 2012, Projecteo was rapidly developed and launched onto the market last week.

The tiny projector uses LED technology to project images from Instagram accounts from a tiny slide wheel, with images printed on a single 35mm frame of slide film. Each wheel holds nine pictures, which can be downloaded onto the wheel by the user from their Instagram account. These images are then projected onto the wall, allowing users to view their pictures anywhere they wish.

The projector only projects a tiny image, up to 76cm, and lacks the brightness to provide high quality viewing capabilities, but Projecteo is still instantly popular with many.

Projecteo may be too small to harness the latest projection technology, but its size is the key to its success, and it is hoped that the tiny device will mark the start of a micro projector revolution.

The projector has already proved it's popularity and potential market by raising over four times it's original funding target on the Kickstarter funding website.

The tiny Projecteo projector is currently on the market for around £17, with the individual wheels selling at around £6 each.