Confidence is returning to the European projector market, after a significant slump in sales throughout 2009.

Sales figures have been released alongside a comprehensive projector buyers’ guide compiled by home media magazine, AV Interactive.

Financial analyst, Gerhard Swart, from futuresource, said constant innovation was proving to be the key to a healthy recovery and that the use of projectors in education capacities was driving the market.

“With long product lifetime, strong total cost of ownership arguments and robust eco credentials, Futuresource expects LED-based projection to be quickly adopted across the education sector,” he said.

Swart said the launch of Casio's hybrid LED Laser light source technology, set new standards in the LED category, enabling their products to boast 20,000 hours lifetime, and brightness ranging from 2,000 to 3,000 lumens.

The prognosis for 2010 is very positive, with reports of a significant rise in run-rate business, as well as a pick-up in the higher-end business. Key projector specialists are predicting that an education-specified short-throw LED projector will be a potential 'killer' product that will make or break brands.

Swart added, “The key questions now are how fast the likes of LED and in-built interactivity will penetrate the market and how long it will be before a projector combines all of the key developments into one. It shouldn't be too long before we find out.”