Popular projector innovator, InFocus, launched its second-generation interactive projector at a major international trade fair on the role of technology in education.

Using its own technology in the interactive display, the company addressed delegates of the 2010 conference for the International Society for Technology in Education. Its latest launch is an alternative to interactive whiteboards, and it will also showcased large format LCD panels and economical 3D projectors.

InFocus's best developers were all in attendance and on hand to demonstrate the technology that has made them one of the market leaders in educational projectors and technology.

The conference took place in Denver, Colorado between June 27 and June 30.

The 3D projectors the company promoted work even more economically than their forebearers and have the capability to swap between 2D and 3D projection. They also support multiple methods of 3D content delivery, including IR-based systems and DLP Link. In addition, they offer brightness that ranges from 2,500 to 3,500 lumens and a native resolution from SVGA to WXGA.

As well as their classroom-tailored models, the company also introduced its IN5300 series of projectors, which have been constructed to fit the needs of large venues. These models have a 1920x1200 resolution, brightness of 4,000 lumens and use DLP DarkChip technology.