The InFocus ScreenPlay SP8600 projector has been hailed as “remarkable” and given a 4.5-star review by trusted site PCAdvisor.

The reviewer praises the projector’s high-quality video, quiet operation and “startlingly low price”. The InFocus ScreenPlay SP8600 projector started out as the Vivitek H1080FD and the new version includes a number of key upgrades. One of the main improvements is that Vivitek's 0.65in DarkChip 2 DLP engine has been replaced by the 0.65in DarkChip 3 DMD.

The projector’s video capabilities have also been improved with the addition of a Pixelworks DNX 10-bit video processor, offering much smoother video display. The projector is rated at 1,800 lumens, which is brighter than most standard home systems.

The device has a number of inputs, including VGA and two HDMI ports. This means a range of devices can be linked at the same time and the operator can quickly and easily switch between them using a compact remote control.

The PCAdvisor reviewer writes: “Performance of the InFocus SP8600 is impressive. Despite its hybrid-looks and low price, we were in no doubt that this is a bone fide home-cinema projector. Images are crisp and clear, motion is smooth and contrast is good.”