InFocus has released a new IN3900 projector, which can be used with the firm’s new LiteBoard wand, which is a cheaper and more portable alternative to using a dedicated interactive whiteboard.

Users of the LiteBoard wand can control any software projected onto a surface, turning any projected content into an interactive surface. The wand is used the same way as a mouse and a cursor.

The LightBoard does not require any dedicated wall space or installation and can be moved from room to room.

The IN3900 Series projector is also usable with the InFocus LightShow II, which enables multiple users to connect to the projector using standard WiFi or InFocus’ Display Link Wireless, which uses ultra-wideband (UWB).

Over any network, full projector management is facilitated through a built-in web browser and RS323 control. The remote access provides users with the opportunity to turn it off and on at certain times and they can also pre-programme anti-theft and maintenance events. The projector can also instantly broadcast alerts or messages using its Dynamic Messaging System (DMS).

In addition to all the features detailed above, users are also able to project jpeg images without being connected to a PC through the InFocus LightPort connected to the IN3902 and IN3904 presenters.