A new series of projectors designed for use in larger venues, such as classrooms, conference rooms or places of worship, has been launched by InFocus.

The company's new IN5300 range comes with a broad range of connectivity options, including HDMI and DVI-D digital inputs. These should help the gadget to function with future technology for some time to come.

The IN5312 and the IN5314 can also be installed to the customer's specifications, allowing them to choose the best setup for their space requirements and needs. Horizontal and vertical lens shift and a choice from three different lenses makes this possible.

Meanwhile, the picture quality can be switched between WXGA (1200x800) resolution for widescreen devices or the native XGA (1024x768) for legacy installations. A brightness of 4,500 lumens means that whichever option is chosen the images will be bright and clear even in a well-lit room.

Dave Duncan, InFocus product line manager, commented: “The IN5300 series of projectors are designed to fit the unique needs of professional installations in a wide-range of venues.

“With customisable features and settings, customers can easily install a projector to perfectly fit their desired space, often without moving legacy projector mounts and never having to compromise image quality.”