Digital display technology company InFocus has unveiled a new line of large-scale installation projectors which they say will provide all the facilities of similar models but at more affordable prices.

The models in the IN5120 series include the IN5122 XGA model with 1024 x 768 resolution and the widescreen IN5124 WXGA model. They offer life-like colours and an extensive grayscale depth due to inorganic LCDs, allowing for high-performance projection and impressive connectivity and collaboration features.

The LCD capabilities of the projectors is easy to install and maintain and the projectors themselves can be easily installed on a wall or ceiling or operated from tables or media carts. The horizontal and vertical lens shifts that feature on all the models allow for crisp, square images in nearly any room.

Each projector is capable of up to 4,000 lumens of brightness, creating bright, high-impact images - even in well-lit rooms - of up to 110 diagonal inches (2.79 metres). The compatibility of the series also allows for two projectors to be operated together while stacked on top of each other, offering extra brightness.

The models can be easily networked, allowing for participation from anyone on a particular network, and can operate content from USB drives without having to be connected to computers.

"Projection technology doesn't have to be complicated or expensive," said Benjamin Joy, product line director at InFocus. "We offer this projector series for organisations that want the flexibility and quality of a high-end projector without the large price tag."