InFocus Corp. has launched its third generation of interactive projectors in the form of its brand new IN3920 series.

The two new projectors in the series – the IN3924 and IN3926 projectors – have been designed to provide realistic and mobile alternatives to interactive whiteboards. They allow teachers and presenters to turn almost any surface in to an engaging, interactive workspace.

The projectors both have ultra short throw lenses and can be controlled by InFocus’s LiteBoard wands, with the option of being able to use two of the wands at the same time.

The product marketing manager for InFocus, Dave Duncan, said that the new projectors will offer outstanding performance and abundant features, while coming in at an affordable price.

“An interactive projector offers a whole host of advantages over an interactive whiteboard: it’s less expensive, it provides a larger image, it’s easier to move, no other equipment is required to make it work, and it doesn’t need to be calibrated,” he said.

“The teacher can walk around the classroom and interact with the image from anywhere, hand the wand to students, or work together with a student using two wands to solve a problem simultaneously – it’s real-time point and annotate.”