InFocus's LiteBoard technology gives an added edge to the two newest projectors to be added to their 3900 range of consumer projector equipment.

The IN3914 and the IN3916 are both capable of providing outstanding results in the home, the classroom or the boardroom. Their features give them the capabilities to project a display as large as 3.7 metres wide, with images of 1.5 metres possible from as little as 1 metre away.

The LiteBoard technology allows for unbeatable versatility. Through the supplied wand, users are able to interact with the projected images from any surface, without having to physically move the display area. The wand is effectively a mouse, incorporating all the usual buttons found on a muse, and a scroll wheel, but can be used as a writing instrument as well.

Both models have features standard to the 3900 range including 20W stereo sound and advanced audio processing, with a built-in mic and assignable audio sources.

The key difference between the two models is the resolution, with the 3914 offering a resolution of 1024x768 and the IN3916 improving on that with 1280x800. Both projectors have USB, HDMI, miniUSB, VGA and Ethernet port all on board and up to 32 computers can be networked in to carry their displays.