InFocus Corp has announced its new IN3120 range of projectors, which have been designed to provide high brightness while also being small and versatile.

The three projectors in the range – the IN3124, IN3126 and IN3128HD – feature extremely bright, quick, crisp displays with a broad range of connectivity options and extensive networked presentation, support and management capabilities.

The IN3128HD model has a native HD resolution of 1080p and also has a 16:9 image ration, projecting the display with 1:1 resolution from a laptop input, providing a crystal clear image.

InFocus product marketing manager, Robert Detwiler, said that they are especially excited about how bright the images are.

“We’ve never had a 4,800 lumen projector before in this category,” he explained. “Not needing to lower the lights means the projector can be used in a wider variety of situations, so it’s extremely versatile. An IN3120 series projector is an excellent choice for either conference room or classroom use.”

The IN3120 series projectors offer connectivity options including VGA for PCs and Macs, HDMI for one-cable projection of audio and HD-quality video from a variety of sources, and USB for projection directly from a flash drive.