The impressive projections that adorned the front of Buckingham Palace throughout the four days of Diamond Jubilee celebrations were made possible due to a precise and intricate array of projection technology.

The projection mapping and playback of video were designed by projection software developer, d3, using a number of high quality, high definition installation projectors.

The designer of the show, Durham Marenghi, used d3’s advanced projection simulation tool kit to create the impressive displays, which saw Union Jack imagery form the basis of many of the projections.

In order for the projections to sit well on their unique screen, 3D modeller and artist, Nils Porrmann, took a 3D model of the building using a laser scanner prior to the design of the projections. The final content was then created by design company, The Third Company, under the commission of creative director, Sam Pattinson.

Chris Bird, the director of d3 Technologies, explained that they were all delighted to have been able to work together on such an impressive project.

He explained, “We’ve known Sam since 2003 and to get the chance to do such a monumental event together is just fantastic.”