IMAX has confirmed it will be bringing its new laser projectors to the UK this year.

The company's senior executive vice-president Greg Foster announced that the projectors, as well as the company's new 12-channel surround sound system, will arrive at the end of the summer.

Speaking to Pocket-lint, he revealed that the Empire cinema in London's famous Leicester Square will be the first cinema to have the new technology installed.

Although the Empire has the widest screen in the UK, traditional bulb projectors are unable to fill the 26.5 metre screen. The new IMAX laser projector will ensure that the whole screen is covered.

Mr Foster also confirmed that IMAX is working on further new technology that should be ready next year, although he would not say what it is.

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, Jurassic World and Mad Max: Fury Road are in contention to be among the first movies to be shown on the new IMAX projectors at the Empire.

The IMAX executive also revealed that the company's ultimate aim is to be able to show new film releases on IMAX screens before they are available to watch at traditional cinemas.

New IMAX digital 2D cameras are being used to film the Marvel Avengers: Infinity Wars movies, with the first of the films, Captain America: Civil War, due out in May 2016.