Movie screening giant IMAX has recently launched a new home theatre programme to enable the public in enjoy IMAX quality screening at home.

Based on the IMAX screening room in California, the new home theatre package uses the company's own 3D projector to create 4K 3D cinemas at home.

The theatres include 7.1 sound and wall to wall, floor to ceiling screen. Each theatre package also comes with the same dual-engine 3D projector that IMAX use to project films in their commercial cinemas.

The installation process begins with a full theatre design from the experts at IMAX, including acoustic and visual design and the placement of the projection booth using lasers.

Once everything is installed, the experts or electronic systems contractors (ESC's) will connect sensors to the theatre so that IMAX can monitor the performance of every aspect of every theatre. "We know when the projector or sound system has a hiccup," said Brian Bonnick, chief technology officer for IMAX.

He continued: "I can tell you what the brightness on the screen is. We permanently mount microphones in the theatre and monitor them so we can assure the sound is optimum from day 1 to day 1000."

Currently, the IMAX home theatre starts at $2 million including the bespoke theatre design and 3D projector set up.