Paramount Pictures teamed together with IMAX to transform the Vienna State Opera house into a cinema for the premiere of 'Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation' in July.

The huge project involved fitting two IMAX digital projectors in the Emperor's box at the rear of the venue and building custom projection boxes to house them, Pocket Lint reported.

Just as in a normal IMAX cinema, both projectors were used at the same time to enhance the brightness of the projected image, transforming the 19th century opera house into an IMAX movie theatre.

Tom Cruise and Paramount Pictures reached out to IMAX after deciding that the Vienna State Opera was the only fitting location for the premiere of the film, which was largely filmed in the Austrian capital.

However, the horseshoe-shaped location held its own challenges, as Eric Jaques, who is vice president of theatre development technology, explained: "We actually used different speakers than we would normally use.

"Our IMAX speakers are specifically designed for our geometry. This was not typical IMAX geometry so we actually used arrays so we could spread the sound a little better."

Tom Cruise, who is a fan of the movie platform, was reportedly delighted with the pop-up IMAX cinema, which housed 1,000 guests at the film's world premiere on 23 July.