Technology is developing at a rate which could soon allow for the integration of high quality projectors in mobile phones.

In the meantime, however, people who want the option of projecting an image while on the run can’t expect much from projectors wedged into other devices. Pico projectors, on the other hand do offer a relatively good quality alternative.

i-Connect is one of the latest companies to launch such a projector in the form of the ViewX. The device is said to be one of the first gadgets to incorporate PicoP technology from Microvision. This means it uses blue, green and red lasers to project and recreate images instead of that traditional LED bulbs.

This method delivers sharper images and also removes the need to keep adjusting the focus on the device.

Unfortunately, according to a projector review from VR Zone, the device does not appear to have a particularly good build quality and it feels a little on the flimsy side. But it does offer a decent picture quality for something so easy to transport. And, with the option of Apple connectivity, a VGA dock and a composite cable for mobile phones and cameras, the device will come in handy in a range of situations.