HP is demonstrating its new Sprout all-in-one PC - a desktop with a 3D scanner and a projector attached, that promises to give users an 'immersive experience'.

Sprout PC, which is being demonstrated at a press event in Singapore, blurs the boundaries between the real and virtual worlds.

A 14.6 megapixel HP High-Resolution Camera and the Intel RealSense 3D Camera work alongside a projector that turns the 20-inch, 20-point touch-enabled mat at the bottom into an interactive surface.

Images scanned by the camera or stored locally can then be projected onto a 20-point capacitive touch mat, allowing users to interact with both the physical and digital content.

The Sprout has already proved itself indispensable to creative professionals. The ability to digitise objects makes designing far easier, especially as the Sprout reduces the time needed to do the same process using a computer and camera.

The machine boasts a fourth-generation Intel core processor, 8GB RAM, Nvidia graphics, 23-inch full-HD touch display, and Windows 8.1, which allows users to remove the touch mat and combine it with a regular mouse and PC.

Available now in the US and UK, the HP Sprout promises to create a completely new projector-powered experience for those wanting more from their PC.