PC giant HP has announced a new foray into the projector market, with plans to push two mini projectors alongside tablet devices.

The company's vice president and manager of PCs, Monty Wong, said the products would be HP's markers for the rest of 2010 and that the two types of technology would overlap well together.

Looking forward, Mr Wong said the incorporation of projectors into other pieces of hardware – including handset and laptops – would not be impeded by technical issues. He said this was largely due to the tiny DLP chips being produced by Texas Instruments. These have been used to great success in pico projectors by other brands, particularly in the manufacture of mobile phones with built-in projectors.

Mr Wong said they were not looking at producing one of the hybrid phones in the next year, due to the immaturity of the technology, but its potential for future developments was clear.

In terms of their tablet technology, Mr Wong said their efforts were being put towards keyboard-less designs. It is thought that the products will not differ radically from the model revealed by CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, at the CES in January – regarded by many industry insiders as the 'anti-iPad'.