How to protect your projector from theft

It seems that projectors represent some in-demand tech.

News reaches us this week of a carol singer caught on CCTV stealing a projector from a garden in Sheffield.

A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “CCTV shows a group of carol singers approach the property and on leaving one of the group is seen taking the item from the garden.”

A carol singer? Stealing a projector? Us neither. But the story should be taken seriously: projectors are expensive bits of kit that cost a heck of a lot of money to replace.

So if you’ve got a projector for Christmas or are considering buying one in the new year, what can you do to keep it from the prying hands of Sheffield-based carol singers?

Protect your projector with an alarm
You can guard your projector (and, of course, other valuable bits of tech) with an alarm device that would sound-off should anyone try and take it away. There are different types of projector alarms:

Cable systems that trigger an alarm when a cable or connection is broken
Sensor-based alarms that go off when power is removed from a projector
Motion-based alarms that set off when a projector is moved

Of course, if you invest in one of these, make sure you switch it on…

Physically anchor your projector
The story we talk about above saw a projector stolen from someone’s garden. Perhaps it was being used for an outdoor Christmas event. If you’ll be using a projector for something similar, you can physically anchor your projector to make it really difficult for anyone to come in and grab it. Simply tie something really heavy, like a stake or some weights, to the projector and drive them into the ground. Then dare anyone to see if they can make off with it.

Buy a lock
We’re all used to buying a lock for our bike, but what about a projector? Well, there’s plenty on the market. Invest in a computer or projector lock and tie your device down. If you’re prepared to spend a little more money you’ll get one that will make your projector nigh on impossible to steal.

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