How to buy a business projector
The main consideration when buying a home cinema projector is getting the sound and picture clarity right. But buying a projector for business use, such as for conferences, presentations, meetings and networking events, is a bit of a different affair.

Projectors are regularly used by businesses for all sorts of reasons and in all sorts of spaces - classrooms, conference rooms, big venue halls. When weighing up your options, there are a few things you should definitely consider to ensure the business projector you opt for will ensure smooth meetings and presentations.

So we’ve put together three things you should tick off before you buy a business projector.

Work out if you need LED, LCD or DLP
There are three main types of projector. Digital light processing (DLP), liquid crystal display (LCD) and light-emitting diode (LED). In a nutshell:

DLP projectors are great for sharp, crisp images.
LCD projectors tend to be bigger than DLPs, so tend to be good for large venues.
LED projectors deliver on colour but aren’t as bright as DLPs and LCDs. If your conference room is very bright, an LED projector might not be best.

Check the features
When it comes to home cinema, it’s pretty simple. You just need a projector that delivers on sound and vision and is easy to hook up and connect. Then you can relax on the sofa in front of a great movie. Buying a projector for the office isn’t quite as simple. This is where features come in. When delivering presentations and reports, you need to make sure your business projector fits the bill, so you can ensure everything goes smooth and fuss-free.

Features to look out for include:
Wireless options - share and present without wires getting in the way. Makes things a lot easier to set up.
USB input - completely avoid having to use a PC or laptop. Present direct from the projector itself.
Multimedia - multimedia projectors give you creative control, allowing you to deliver sound, vision and more in a variety of interesting ways.

Is it easy to carry?
The weight and portability of a business projector is really important, especially if you’ll be travelling around with it. If you’re off on a sales pitch road trip, hopping all over the country and delivering presentations left right and centre, you definitely want a business projector that’s lightweight and easy to stick in the boot of your car or be carried on the train.

The same can also apply if you’re buying a projector for an office, particularly if you work in a large building with lots of meeting rooms.

Ensure you consider the above points when buying a projector for your business. Ease of use, strong features and portability are truly key.

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