Hotels and hospitality venues could draw significant benefit this summer from investing in quality projector equipment, due to the public wanting to keep an eye on the summer’s major events of the London Olympics, the European Cup and the Jubilee celebrations.

Graeme Davidson, from leading projector manufacturer, Epson UK, said that the packed calendar of public events will present hotels with “a huge opportunity” if they have the right AV equipment.

“Having the right AV technology in place and creating the ideal atmosphere for guests to enjoy the action can ensure that they receive an experience they wouldn’t get in another hotel,” he said. “Once you’ve got everything in place for one event, such as the Olympics, it will be even easier to broadcast subsequent events, such as the Queen’s Jubilee, Wimbledon or even the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race.”

He told the industry website,, that the level of investment needed for such equipment was not necessarily that high and could help generate an excellent additional revenue stream.

Davidson added that during the 2008 European Cup they saw a 20 per cent increase in projector sales compared to the previous year, and a 30 per cent increase during the 2010 World Cup.