A new selection of affordable home theatre projectors has been launched by Epson, aimed at family home viewing and as well as custom installation.

The family home viewing range includes the EH-TW5900 and boasts projectors with WirelessHD connectivity. This will allow consumers to use the gadget with Blu-ray players, game consoles and set top boxes wirelessly, without losing the high quality expected from an HD projector.

Indeed, the family viewing devices boast a light output of 2,200 lumens and contrast ratios of up to 40,000:1. They all have two 10 Watt speakers, designed to deliver immediate sound, while horizontal and vertical keystone correction up to 30 degrees with a horizontal slide keystone correction allows the project to be offset from centre.

In addition to the home theatre range, Epson is launching a custom install range, which includes the EH-TW8000 and the EH-TW9000W, both with a light output of 2,400 lumens and a contrast ratio of 200,000:1.

Bruce Bealby, business manager for Visual Imaging at Epson Australia, commented on the new products: “Epson may not have delivered the first 3D projector but we have now delivered the five best and most affordable 3D home theatre projectors for two significant market segments - family home viewers and custom installers.”