A technology expert at the Daily Telegraph has claimed that “home projectors have never looked so good”.

In his technology column, Matt Warman says that luxury living rooms increasingly have projectors as well as TVs, especially with the rise of small space living. Small living rooms can be swamped and dominated by a large TV.
However, consumers now have the option of a home projector for when they want a larger screen experience – such as when watching a film or a major sporting event.

Warman notes that with excellent projector brightness, and 3D and 4K options, now is the ideal time to invest in a home projector, even if you don’t have a lot of space. He calls out Sony models as being particularly impressive, accounting for four in every ten projectors sold.

He says: “A projector requires rather more than audio and video. Blinds and a dedicated screen, preferably also concealed in the ceiling, remain a key part of any decent set-up. For my taste, I'd rather be on a great sofa with popcorn, but there is also a rapidly growing market in chairs dedicated to watching films, cup holders and all. Somewhere there's a line between enthusiasm and obsession.”