Home cinemas are becoming havens for stressed-out men, with one recent survey dubbing them the latest trend in 'hubbyholes'.

The Halifax building society has found that around seven million men have a their own assigned space in the home, where they can go to relax and escape what some view as the inescapable feminisation of modern life.

Traditionally these have been the shed or the garage, or a loft room, but with the increasing affordability of modern audio-visual technology – home cinema systems, flat-screen TVs, cinema-quality projectors – the comforts and amenities of a home cinema are growing more popular.

And Halifax estimates that in the run up to the World Cup up to a million more men will seek their own quiet spots in the home to watch the football in peace.

Journalist, Tom Sykes, said private space is essential for the harried husband, labeling himself a vociferous acolyte for the "primacy of sacred male space."

"The only time I haven’t had a man cave to retreat to was during the years when I lived on my own in London – my whole life was one big man cave then," he said.

"But whenever I’ve been under the control of women – first a mother and three sisters, now a wife and one daughter – I’ve needed a hetero-escape hatch."