According to a new report in The Telegraph, more and more people are opting to splash out on a full-on home cinema to add a touch of glamour to their homes.

Some opt to convert a room in their house into a mini-cinema, fitting a large projector screen and a state-of-the art digital projector (maybe even with 3D capability). Others settle for a large plasma screen and some surround-sound technology. Whichever approach, there is no better way to enjoy new film releases or sports events with friends and family.

Mike Spencer-Morris, quoted in the Telegraph, explained how his cinema room has changed his experience of watching films and TV at home: “It is completely dedicated to the screen, has no windows and has very high-spec equipment. Going to the cinema is enjoyable anyway but doing it at home is an even better experience because of the comfort and the closeness of the screen,”

So what happens if you love the idea of having a home cinema but lack the space? What about converting your garage? There are now specialist companies that will come and convert your garage into a home cinema, for an all-in cost, from as little as £5,000 to £10,000.