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  1. Everything you need to Know about the Sony VPL-VW570

    The new range from Sony has been much anticipated by hardcore gamers and home cinema enthusiasts. As part of a truly impressive batch of new native 4K projector models, the all-new VW570ES stands strong as the ultimate high-end home cinema projector for those in the market for uncompromised image quality.

    Building on the success of popular models such as the VW360ES and VW550ES, the VW570ES goes one step further

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  2. The Sony VW260ES: Is Native 4K Worth the Price?

    Sony’s VW260ES is about as close to an objectively premium native 4K projector as you’re likely to find anywhere at this price point. Unlike most projectors on the market, it features genuine native 4K resolution, that’s 8 million pixels on both the panel and the screen, which we can assure you is a whole lot rarer than you’d think.

    What’s the Sony VW260ES all about?

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  3. 4 Projectors to Make the 2018 Fifa World Cup an Experience to Remember

    The World Cup is certainly a momentous, memorable and indeed – rare experience for football fans everywhere. The four-year cycle of the World Cup makes it an occasion to savour and remember. For many football fans, the World Cup is the biggest event on the calendar.

    Perhaps you’ve managed to get your hands on some tickets for this year’s matches. If not, why not consider the next best thing and get up close and personal with the action on a projector screen?

    Investing in a top quality projector and a projector screen is more affordable than ever

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  4. Epson Home Cinema Projectors: Great Prices and Even Greater Tech

    Those of you who pay attention to our blog will probably have noticed that we spend a lot of time talking about the “accessible” projector market. And rightly so, seeing great technology get more and more affordable is one of the most exciting things about this industry. There’s a huge range of great projectors out there at lower than ever prices.

    But of course, the accessible market is an entry point to much more … if you’ve got the cash. Customers with that

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  5. It’s Time to Get Serious about that Home Cinema Dream

    Plenty of people have big plans to get their dream home cinema projector setup sorted out. One day.

    Whether it’s a simple HD projector that’ll play all your DVDs and blu-rays, or a more upmarket 4K UHD home cinema projector that’ll display new blockbusters in all their detailed glory – we think it’s time for you to get your home cinema in place today.

    Top quality projector technology is more accessible than ever with great devices available for just about any budget. To get you started, we’ve brought together a selection of the best projec

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  6. The BenQ W1700: 4K UHD Resolution at a Market-Shifting Price

    The BenQ W1700 aims to bridge the gap between affordable projection and high quality 4K resolution.

    It comes in at around £500 less than its rivals in this bracket of quality at a very reasonable £1,439 inc VAT. However, BenQ’s latest home cinema projector still displays 8.3 million distinct pixels on screen, delivering images that far surpass those of its HD predecessors.

    This performance is made possible through ‘pseudo’ 4K UHD pixel shifting technology. Unlike native 4K, 4K UHD uses a lower resolution display panel to project the same pixels twice,

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  7. Does BenQ Have the Home Cinema Projector for You?

    BenQ has a tendency to dominate every list of ‘great projectors at great prices’ round-up we ever write. For reference, consult examples one, two and three. But there’s a very good reason for this; because as far as bringing the latest technology to the budget-accessible market is concerned, BenQ is unparalleled.

    For those looking to install their own home cinema setup, BenQ remains a popul

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  8. True 4K Price vs Native 4K: Is the Epson EH-TW9300 Worth the Trade?

    The Epson EH-TW9300 holds an interesting position in the projector market somewhere in between native 4K projectors at £5,000 and up, and good quality standard HD home cinema projectors, which are priced around the same mark as the Epson at £3,000 and below.

    But the Epson manages to bring together a realistic price tag and 4K resolution images. It does this by using smart pixel-shifting technology to create the effect of 4K from a standard HD panel.

    This allows Epson to offer a model with resolution quality that you’d expect to see

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  9. Buyers Guide: HD Home Cinema Projector for Under £1,500

    Where some years ago, any HD home cinema projector worth its salt came with an unavoidably enormous price tag, developments in the industry mean they’re n

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  10. The NEW BenQ W1700 4K Projector is Coming!

    At the end of 2017, we came up with a list of predictions about what we thought the big trends in 2018 home cinema projection technology will be. Our main forecast was that 4K technology will get bigger, better and more accessible – making great projector technology accessible to a wider audience. And without tooting our own horn, it seems barely two weeks into 2018 we’re already being proved right.

    As if 2018 wasn’t already off to a great start, we are extra excited to announce that the very first BenQ W1700

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