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  1. A Guide to Colour Spaces: Navigating REC & DCi Standards

    If you’re looking to mine deeper into the world of projector technology, then at some point you’ll come across colour spaces. Having some understanding of colour science can help you determine how to get the very best out of your projector system and choose the right model for your specific requirements.

    To help you grasp a topic that can sometimes seem quite complicated, we’ve tried to break down the essentials of colour spaces when it comes to projecting images, as well as cover the importance of reproduction standards and formats. If you don’t know what that means, hopefully you wil

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  2. Everything You Need To Know About HDR

    HDR is one of those terms you might hear thrown about without much explanation. Indeed, it does relate to image quality, but the specifics of how HDR does (or doesn’t) impact projector image quality are not always clear to everyone.

    Like many technological terms that indicate a very specific function or capacity, it’s good to take a step back sometimes and think about exactly what HDR means. This guide will hopefully help you make the best decision about your next projector purchase.


    What is HDR?

    HDR, or high dynamic range, is a technique used in ima

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  3. HDMI Cable Bandwidth: Which Ones To Buy

    There’s a lot to consider when buying a new projector. Sometimes, the jargon can get in the way of making a final decision for the best projector for your home, office or pub. We’ve tried to break down an important aspect of projector technology, bandwidth, to help make your life a little easier.


    What is bandwidth?

    Understanding bandwidth will help you figure out which cables and connections you need for your projector setup.

    Bandwidth is the capacity of a wire or wireless network to transmit data from one point to another, in a specific amount of tim

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  4. All Eyes on the New Epson EH-TW9400

    We’re kicking off 2019 with style at Projectorpoint with the announcement that the brand new Epson EH-TW9400 is now available to buy! It’s fair to say that even as we sit here in the second week of the year, this is set to be one of the best home cinema projectors to hit the market in 2019.

    Epson has made quite a name for itself with its 4K enhancement technology and the EH-TW9400 is the latest iteration of this tech in action. The big sister of the EH-TW7400, the EH-TW9400 is

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  5. The New Epson EH-TW7400: 5 Star, Affordable 4K

    The best thing about an Epson projector is you feel like you’re getting industry-leading technology at an entry-level p

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  6. The New Epson Home Cinema Range - Now in Stock!

    The new Epson 4K enhanced home cinema projectors have officially hit the Projectorpoint shelves! If you’re in the market for a 4K home cinema projector that won’t break the bank, read on to find out more about Epson’s latest and much anticipated devices.

    Since the EH-TW9400, EH-TW9400W and EH-TW7400 were announced as the next instalments of the brand’s already impressive line-up of home cinema project

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  7. The Best Black Friday Projector Deals! Don’t Miss Out

    It’s generally understood that it’s in your best interest to wait until Black Friday to shop for electronics. Why? Because of the amazing deals and discounts that become widely available for a limited time only.

    That’s why.

    In the world of projectors, it’s no different. Now is the perfect time to invest in that much-desired upgrade to your office, home cinema or video game lair.

    With all the excitement at this time of the year with your friends and family rushing off to various retailers to make the mos

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  8. Discover Epson’s New Award-Winning 4K Enhancement Projectors

    The exciting new range of Epson projectors is out!

    Still holding one of the most interesting positions in the market, the brand’s ability to produce extremely high-quality 4K on screen images without using native 4K panel technology hasn’t gone unnoticed.

    Whether you’re an industry expert or an amateur home cinema lover, you might notice a certain anticipation in the air when Epson brings its latest updates to the table. Building on the success of the EH-TW9300, EH-TW9300W a

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  9. 4K Excellence with Sony’s 2018 Home Cinema Projector Range

    The message from Sony this autumn is that native 4K is still the gold standard in the projector game – and they’re the ones to offer you the bes

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  10. Everything You Need to Know About the Sony VPL-VW270

    As Sony’s entry-level model from its impressive new range of native 4K projectors, the VW270ES is one of the most hotly anticipated home cinema models to be announced at IFA 2018.

    With the brand’s reputation for unrivalled image enhancing software and native 4K image quality, gamers and home cinema fanatics are now able to have their own slice of home projector perfection with the range’s most affordable model – a successor to the highly popular VW260ES.

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