Projectorpoint Predictions for 2018: Home Cinema

2017 has undoubtedly been an exciting year for the tech world, and projectors are no exception. We’ve seen projector technology reach new levels of sophistication, with the latest top of the range projectors being both significantly more advanced than those of previous years, and increasingly better value.

We can confidently say that over the past 12 months the technology has become better, cheaper and more accessible. But while reflection has its value, what we really want to know now is what we can expect to see from projector technology through 2018 and beyond.

So here’s a look at the Projectorpoint predictions for the four biggest trends for home cinema devices in 2018.

1.    Full HD will become entry-level resolution

Full HD resolution, or 1080x1920px to be more precise, has been available to home cinema customers for a while; and for much of its lifespan it has been considered a premium option for home cinema projection.

If you’ve looked at our home cinema projector range recently you’ll notice that Full HD is now ubiquitous. We consider this to be the entry point of the home projector market (not taking into account non-brand and “hobby” projectors you’ll find on non-specialist sites across the internet!)

There’s a reason for this. Although home cinema projectors have historically been the choice of the tech-enthusiast and the desire for the latest kit was essential; Full HD does more than just tick the latest-trend box. The truth is that higher resolutions are really noticeable when you increase the screen size and when Full HD is available for under £600 – it’s a no brainer.

More recently Full HD’s crown as king of projectors has slipped as 4K technology makes its presence known with four times the pixels of Full HD. 4K technology is no longer some far-off, futuristic technology, it’s quickly becoming the resolution of choice in the home cinema market. We predict that interest in the lower resolutions will diminish to the point that Full HD is the logical entry-level resolution for home cinema projectors in 2018.

2.    4K projectors will continue to fall in price

Further to the above, we predict that 4K projectors will become cheaper. We’ve seen this already through 2017 and if you ask us, models like the VW260ES from Sony are going to define 2018.

It’s not that 4K projectors are getting any easier to build from an engineering perspective, but rising customer expectations and demand mean that manufacturers know they can shift the units. And so the circle of technology improvement and price-reduction continues: In 2018, we think 4K projection will become what HD used to be – the go-to resolution – and prices will come to reflect this.

3.    Average home cinema projector brightness will rise

Following on in the theme of cheaper technology getting better – and better technology getting cheaper – we predict that home cinema projectors will feature higher average levels of brightness in entry level devices.

At the moment, home cinema projectors clock in with an average brightness of 1,800 to 2,400 lumens.

But this figure is already creeping up and we reckon that it will continue to rise through 2018 with 3,000 – 4,000 lumens becoming common in entry-level home cinema projectors by the end of the year.

We don’t think that the enthusiast-led, high-end will change as it’s assumed the ambient environment will be dark and you’ll want to make the most of the amazing contrast ratios available but for more casual users in a room that may be multi-use and not perfectly blacked out, the extra brightness will come as a welcome bump in specification.

4.    Laser projection technology will become established

With each new release, the difference in price between standard lamp projectors and laser projectors is falling. While laser projection still has an air of exclusivity about it, it’s becoming increasingly common.

The thing about laser is that, unlike some new technology releases, there are genuine tangible benefits to making the step up to laser technology. So from where we’re sat, it’s looking highly likely laser will soon lose its air of exclusivity. Right now, it’s still considered something of a premium alternative to standard lamp projection, but at some point in the future, laser projector technology will become standard, and lamps will become the archaic alternative – we predict that 2018 will be the start of this journey and prices will drop as we’ve started to see in the business market already.

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