A home cinema projector has been launched by Panasonic Solutions Company, with 3D capabilities.

The PT-AE7000U is the company’s first full HD 3D home theatre projector, and also the world’s first projector to use transparent LCD panels driven at 480Hz. These help to realise very low crosstalk when combined with Panasonic’s original Overdrive Technology.

Meanwhile, the gadget delivers an impressive 300,000:1 contrast ratio and 2,000 lumens of brightness and offers a choice between 3D or traditional 2D viewing with “excellent colouring and deep blacks with find shadow details”, according to the manufacturer.

Art Ranking, the firm’s director of projectors and higher education, commented, “When we create our projectors, our goal is to produce images that mirror movie directors' artistic vision and intent.” He added that the machine was developed in collaboration with Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory engineers, who have worked on the authoring and mastering of 3D Blu-ray discs. As such, these technicians have been able to transfer key industry-standard techniques to the company’s home cinema division.

Consumers have a convenient choice of inputs, with three HDMI inputs, allowing the device to connect to multiple sources, while environmentally-conscious buyers can make use of the gadget’s intelligent power management system, which reduces the lamp power the exact required level of brightness depending on the content being displayed.