Home cinemas can be installed into the most unusual of spaces – as one installation on a canal boat recently proved.

Home cinema and multi-room control system provider, AV Candy, was asked to install a home cinema system comprising five zones of audio, into an extremely tight space on a narrow 69-foot canal boat.

The Lincolnshire-based boat fitted the equipment rack for the new system above the boat’s engine, ensuring that access was straightforward. Amongst the rack’s equipment was a “Sky+HD, Playstation and Blu-ray for the video and audio zones, along with a Naim music server and an Apple-based Organ simulator completing the audio-only sources,” Simon Redfearn director of AV Candy, told Hidden Wires.

The final installation of equipment was done on the boat whilst it floated on the Grand Union Canal. CAT cables were laid alongside HDMI in case of any problems with the HDMI, and a CAT5 transmitter and receiver pair was used following a problem with the fitting of the HDMI cables by the boat builder, which allowed 1080p to pass without issue from the HDMI matrix.

A basic 3G router was installed to allow the on-board access points to communicate with the Internet, however, Mr Redfearn said, this had “limited effectiveness due to the poor signal quality on the canal network.”

“The in-motion satellite tracking system has worked very well and we have now modified it so it does not need to be on all the time, thus saving power. When in a marina, the in-motion tracking is not needed, however when moored on the side of the canal it is essential to prevent signal loss when boats pass,” he added.