A group of professionals in the audiovisual industry have worked together to fit a full home cinema system at a children’s hospice in Worcester, including a high-spec projector system.

Acorns Children’s Hospice now has a brand new integrated home theatre system, thanks to the team put together by Ian Morrish, a sales manager at trade exhibition Integrated Systems Europe (ISE).

Morrish formed the Together for Short Lives campaign for the purpose, appealing to his friends and contacts in the industry to take part, and they are now working on installations in other hospices around the UK. He said that it was more important to have a cinema at the hospice than almost anywhere else.

“The severity of the disabilities means that many of these children have never visited a cinema, or if they have, then it will cost the hospice between £150 and £250 for every child, due to requirements such as disabled transport, carers and special arrangements with the cinema,” he said. “That’s why it was important to bring the cinema to the hospice.

The cinema at the hospice was created as an extension to its existing sensory room. Since its installation was completed before Christmas it has already hosted many theatre nights for the children.

The head of care at Acorns, Peter Morris, said that the room was invaluable. He explained, “Not only does the room allow the children to interact, but it allows those experiencing pain or uncomfortable treatments to disconnect from reality for a short while.”