A new report into the technology used at the London 2012 Olympic Games has said that advanced projector technology could be used to recreate holograms of live Olympic action at stadiums around the world as soon as 2024.

The report, entitled Ascent at London 2012: A vision for sport and technology, has been put together to explore how display technology has benefitted this year’s highly successful games and how it may be advanced in future.

It was commissioned by Olympic and Paralympic IT partner, Atos, and received major input from International Olympic Committee (IOC) chief information officer (CIO) Jean-Benoit Gauthier, and Rio Olympics 2016 CIO, Elly Resende.

Atos spokesman, Gregoire Gillingham, said that projection technology is developing at such a pace that it could well be a standard reality by the time of the 2024 games in 12 years’ time.

He explained, “We predict that it will be possible to show holograms in a stadium within 10 to 15 years and the concept of a live event being projected via holograms into other stadiums filled with spectators to be a realistic prediction.”

“Formula 1 cars already carry technology to provide the drivers view of the action and there is no reason, with technology miniaturisation and improving networks that this should not be possible in other sports in years to come.”