Hitachi's newest addition to its projector range – the CPX9 – is a portable series LCD projector that provides users with a high-quality, lightweight projector that can be set up anywhere that it is needed.

The model weighs in at less than five pounds and produces impressive images from a package that measures just 12 x 8.7 x 3 inches.

It can create pictures up to 300 inches on the diagonal in XGA resolution, with 3,200 lumens of brightness and 16.7 million colours. Its connectivity makes it a versatile addition to any AV set up, with HDMI, S-Video and composite video inputs, an RGB computer video input and monitor output, two RCA audio inputs, and an audio output. It also has a RS-232C port which allows users to control it when it is being used as part of an integrated AV system.

The CPX9 has a built-in speaker with audio pass-through function which enables the sounds to play through the audio output even when it is in the energy-saving standby mode and only sound is needed.

The projector can be used as an interactive whiteboard, in a specific mode that adjusts the brightness to reduce glare and eye strain. The projector's remote control offers fast access to frequently used functions through MyMemory, MyText, MySource and MyScreen buttons.

Maintenance is also made much easier with a hybrid air/fan filter that allows less frequent cleaning, as well as an easy access lamp compartment.