1. Hitachi launches new ultra-short throw business projector

    Japanese electronics conglomerate Hitachi has launched a new interactive business-aimed projector featuring its proprietary StarBoard software.

    The CP-AW2519N Interactive Projector comes with all the functionality of an interactive whiteboard built in to it, cutting out the need for any additional hardware, and runs on both Mac and PC platforms.

    The projector has been designed to be easily set up in even very small presentation rooms, achievable through its impressive ultra-short throw capabilities. Its ability to create large images from a very short distance – up to 80

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  2. Consumers warned of fake Hitachi projector lamps

    People looking to buy replacement Hitachi projector lamps are being warned to be aware of fake and illegal lamps that are being sold on the European market.

    Projector lamp specialist, Just Lamps, have said that the crop of fake lamps are almost visually identical to genuine ones – but the quality is significantly inferior.

    Just Lamps chief executive, Dave Bethell, said that any offers that people find at the moment that seem too good to be true are likely to be just that.

    “A number of distributors and agents have approached us claiming to have lamps in stock,”

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  3. Hitachi CP-A221N hailed as impressive ultra-short throw projector

    Hitachi’s latest ultra short-throw projector, the CP-A221N, has been hailed as a worthy heir to the brand’s excellent reputation for impressive ultra-short throw technology.

    M. David Stone, writing for, said that the projector is unusually small for a model of its type, allowing it to be carried about easily and even used as a portable projector – ideal for its forte of showing data and presentations.

    The CP-A221N offers a standard range of features for an LCD-based XGA projector – including a guaranteed rainbow-free display, which sets it far

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  4. Multi-purpose projectors announced by Hitachi

    A new range of multi-purpose projectors has been launched by Hitachi, comprising of three XGA models and one WXGA widescreen projector.

    The CPX2514WN, CPX3014WN, CPX4014WN and CPWX3014WN all come with optional wireless activity and an output ranging from 2,700 lumens to 4,000 lumens.

    All four of the gadgets also feature a refined version of the Hitachi Active Iris technology, which enables them to deliver a contrast ratio of 3,000:1. HDMI connectivity is also on offer across the range.

    In terms of flexibility, the Campus Notification System delivers a text message function

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  5. New classroom projectors launched by Hitachi

    Hitachi has launched three new projectors, specifically designed for use in a classroom.

    The CP-WX3014WN, CP-X3014WN and CP-X4014WN are the three 3LCD projectors, all of which offer advanced networking capabilities and a range of input options.

    HDMI inputs, a USB port, a RJ-45 jack for networking, S-Video and composite video inputs with RGB in and out make the range particularly flexible. Meanwhile, the Projector Control application from Hitachi can be installed on a PC, allowing users to control the gadget remotely. This method of use is also associated with lower costs due to

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  6. Hitachi America launches new projector for education market

    Hitachi America has introduced the CP-X2514WN 3LCD projector, which has been upgraded from the previous model with the addition of wireless operation and networking capability.

    Designed for medium-size classrooms and boardrooms, the CP-X2514WN delivers 2,700 ANSI lumens brightness with XGA resolution and a 3,000:1 contrast ratio.

    The optional wireless capability means laptops and desktop computers do not have to be placed close to the projector as there is no need for cables.

    The networking capability allows the projector to be remotely controlled via a LAN network connection.

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  7. Hitachi launches CP-A300N projector

    Hitachi has launched the new CP-A300N projector.

    The LCD projector has a short-throw lens which is capable of projecting an 80-inch diagonal image at 9 inches from the projector. This makes the equipment ideal for use when space is limited, such as in schools and conference rooms.

    The machine weighs just 8.6lbs and can project images of up to 100 inches from a distance of just 26 inches. It has 3,000 lumens of brightness, a 2000:1 contrast ratio and XGA resolution. The projector also includes HDMI, S-Video and composite video inputs, USB and RGB computer video connections, stereo

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  8. Hitachi America ships new interactive short throw projector

    Hitachi America has announced it is now shipping its iPJ-AW250N Ultimate Interactive Projector, a short-throw model designed for the classroom and conference room.

    The projector’s stand-out feature is its interactive graphics, which allow the user to write, draw, manipulate and resize projected images with a special pen-size interactive control. Meanwhile, its “template” function makes it easier to write on a whiteboard or blackboard by projecting lines onto the screen. Software explaining how to build interactive presentations comes with the package.

    As well

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  9. Hitachi launches the 'ultimate' interactive projector

    Hitachi's new iPJ-AW250N projector has already been labelled the 'ultimate interactive LCD projector' by some industry experts.

    The innovative model delivers a full interactive experience on any flat surface and provides a comprehensive set of features that give the projector a strong advantage for use in educational and corporate scenarios.

    Hitachi's head of presentation products, Axel Kutsche, said the iPJ-AW250N provided a real alternative to existing complex, bulky or compromised solutions.

    "By embedding full interactive capability with all

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  10. Steljes to distribute Hitachi LCD projectors

    The technology distributor Steljes has signed an agreement with Hitachi Digital to distribute Hitachi’s business to business products in the UK.

    The deal announced by Steljes will mean that the company will distribute Hitachi’s complete range of LCD projectors immediately.

    Sales and business development director at Steljes, Martine Dodwell-Bennett, explained: "The addition of Hitachi to our portfolio, complementing our existing relationships with BenQ, Epson, NEC and SMART, means that we have the strongest projector range to offer our partners and will enable us

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