Hitachi has made its largest single launch of projectors, revealing eleven new models aimed at bringing network-connected flexibility to education and general purpose users.

Five new network capable models are among the range - the CP-X2511N, the CP-X3011N, the CP-X4011N, the widescreen CP-WX3011N and the education market specific ED-X45N. Their physical dimensions have been slimmed down as the networking features have been integrated into the main board.

Networking capability has been upgraded and they are now capable of PC-less presentations, directly from a USB stick.

The six other models are all enhanced portable projectors, aimed at cornering the compact, low-weight section of the market. These models feature a front-facing air vent that directs the hot exhaust away from both the audience and the projection lens.

Input Source Naming now displays simple icon labels in addition to user-selected names, while the template feature for drawing lines and grids on the screen also now includes a world map.

Hitachi has made sure that its new models meet demand for greener operation and manufacturing processes.

All but one of the new projectors feature long-life components such as the lamp and the Super Hybrid Filter that minimises electronic waste and provides up to 6,000 hours service between maintenance intervals.