Hitachi releases new LP-WX3500 LED projector
Hitachi, a leading projector company, has released a new LED projector focused on conferences and large venue projections.

The LP-WX3500's primary key feature is its ability to produce up to 3,5000 lumens of brightness. This is down to the technology used in the projector called High Lumen Density (HLD). With HLD, the projector can project a brightness of up to four times the light of current LED technology, which makes the screen viewing three times brighter - a useful attribute particularly in large venues where the lighting can be harder to control.

Another key benefit of the HLD technology is that it increases the brightness of the green colour in LED. The green colour in LED is typically less bright, compared to the blue and red colours.

In addition to some excellent brightness technology, the LP-WX3500 comes with a plethora of connections including HDBaseT, two HDMI inputs as well as HDMI Out. The result of these connections is that with HDBaseT people can stream ultra-high definition media sources via LAN. With HDMI, users can seamlessly stream from your smart devices, such as a phone or tablet.

Finally, the new projector also comes with a number of special features including the ability to set up routine tasks such as powering off the projector at a certain point. Other scheduling tasks can also be set up.

However, it's likely to be the exceptional brightness and variety of connectivity options that will really push this projector to the fore, offering venues and conference centres the flexibility and ease of use that they need to cater to their clients' and visitors' needs.