Hitachi is launching a new generation of 3LCD projectors that are compatible with the iPhone and iPad and are the brightest and slimmest model’s in the brand’s range.

The CP-X8170, CP-WX8265 and CP-WU8460 projectors were showcased to the industry at the InfoComm show in Florida this week. Hitachi said the brightness and slim design of the new projectors make them suitable for professional users in larger conference rooms, auditoriums, schools and colleges and houses of worship.

Part of the Hitachi Installation Series, the new models feature Accentualizer image processing which come with shade controls that allow users to improve the sharpness and contrast so viewers see a finer details. They also include a video-conferencing Picture-In-Picture mode and can show images side by side through the Picture-By-Picture application. Interchangeable lens are included in the design to deal with different screen distances.

The iPad and iPhone-compatibility is provided via the Projector Quick Connection feature, which allows the phone or tablet to be used as a remote control or for users to show images from the projectors on their Apple devices.

And all three can be used without a computer with information projected straight from a USB drive or storage system.