A high-tech new portable interactive whiteboard system is the latest piece of educational and business display equipment to be launched by Hitachi Solutions Europe.

The Japanese manufacturer has launched the StarBoard Link EZ2-Pen as a solution that can be transported anywhere and mounted onto any flat surface or whiteboard, instantly transforming it into an interactive surface of between 60 and 90 inches in size.

The system has been designed to be compatible with new or already acquired equipment, allowing it to be used with any LCD projector, whiteboard or computer. The system can be mounted through magnetism to any existing whiteboard, allowing it to be easily dismounted and transferred to another classroom or meeting room.

The system comes with two of Hitachi’s reflective pens, which stand out from other interactive whiteboard controllers due to the fact that they do not require any electronic components or batteries. Despite this, they can still comprehensively control all of a PC’s operations from the interactive area.

The new system will be on full display at the BETT trade show, being held at London’s ExCel Centre in January 2013. The show is the world’s leading event for educational technology.