Hitachi’s latest ultra short-throw projector, the CP-A221N, has been hailed as a worthy heir to the brand’s excellent reputation for impressive ultra-short throw technology.

M. David Stone, writing for, said that the projector is unusually small for a model of its type, allowing it to be carried about easily and even used as a portable projector – ideal for its forte of showing data and presentations.

The CP-A221N offers a standard range of features for an LCD-based XGA projector – including a guaranteed rainbow-free display, which sets it far apart from its rivals, most of which are DLP-based and can show up rainbow artifacts.

The projector’s native 4:3 aspect ratio can produce images of between 60 and 100 inches diagonally, when the projector is between 3.8 and 13.9 inches from the screen. It has a brightness of 2,200 lumins, which is less that its less portable rivals, but more than enough for its largest images to stand up to moderate ambient light without a problem.

Its connection options are easy and versatile, including an HDMI port, two VGA ports, A VGA pass-through port, S-video and composite ports and a USB port.

Stone said, “The Hitachi A221N does what it promises, and does it well. Small enough to be portable and bright enough for permanent installation in a conference room, […] it offers high-quality data images and useable video – which is more than you can say for a lot of data projectors.”