Hitachi America has announced it is now shipping its iPJ-AW250N Ultimate Interactive Projector, a short-throw model designed for the classroom and conference room.

The projector’s stand-out feature is its interactive graphics, which allow the user to write, draw, manipulate and resize projected images with a special pen-size interactive control. Meanwhile, its “template” function makes it easier to write on a whiteboard or blackboard by projecting lines onto the screen. Software explaining how to build interactive presentations comes with the package.

As well as interactive presentations, the projector can be used to present in regular formats, for example with PowerPoint, Word, PDF and JPEG files.

It has a full complement of video and audio inputs and outputs, an ethernet port to allow the user to control the projector from another location and built-in speakers and amplifier to eliminate the need for external speakers. Plus there is the option of using a remote control instead of the interactive pen.

With 2,500 ANSI Lumens brightness, the projector can beam a clear image in almost any classroom or conference room. Its ultra-short throw lens projects a 203cm image at 25cm from the edge of the projector. This not only prevents shadows on the projection surface but also means there is no light shining in the presenter's eyes.