Hitachi has added three new models to its Collegiate Series 3LCD line of projectors.

The CP-WX4022WN, CP-X4022WN and CP-X5022WN projectors provide high brightness, energy efficiency and advanced connectivity, making them ideal audio-visual solutions for large classrooms, lecture halls and auditoriums.

All three projectors come equipped with Hitachi’s unique DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) Simulation Mode, which allows them to reproduce images with an advanced grayscale level, such as certain medical images or X-rays.

The CP-WX4022WN offer brightness of 4,000 lumens with WXGA resolution, the CP-X4022WN has 4,000 lumens of brightness with XGA resolution, while the CP-X5022WN provides 5,000 lumens of brightness with XGA resolution. The three devices have contrast ratios of 3,000:1, wired or wireless connection options and can be controlled remotely via a local area network (LAN).

They are all also equipped with Hitachi's exclusive Eco Mode and ImageCare energy-saving technology, which enables maximum energy savings while not compromising on the picture performance.

In terms of connectivity, the projectors have a full array of options, including HDMI, component, composite and S-video inputs, with RGB inputs and outputs, audio connections, and an RS-232C port for integrated AV system control.