Barco has revealed it's been chosen as the exclusive digital cinema projector supplier for one of the most important film festivals in the world. The Berlin International Film Festival is celebrating its 60th anniversary edition this month and expects nearly 300,000 visitors to revel in the digital projector innovations presented by Barco's DP series platform.

According to Barco, the six digital cinema projectors it has chosen for the event will ensure audience members see the highest-quality movie images on screen - "exactly as the director intended".

"Barco's digital cinema projectors offer an unparalleled image quality both in 2D and 3D projection and the technology is revolutionising the cinema industry," adds the manufacturer's Tim Sinnaeve. "We find it important to support film festivals like the Berlinale, which make such an important contribution to our industry as a whole."

Festival director Dieter Kosslick also comments that, having worked with Barco on four previous occasions, the organisers know they can trust the projectors to "perform flawlessly for the festival's entire duration".

All of Barco's 2K digital cinema projectors are based on Texas Instruments' DLP Cinema technology, designed to reproduce films "perfectly" time and time again, with consistent picture brightness, contrast and vibrant colours.